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Bath Innovations Features

Welcome to the next generation of walk-in bathtubs from Bath Innovations, with the lowest step-up in the industry, a solid no-leak door, made in the USA with some of the finest materials available, and a sleek design that captures the eyes of all who see it. IN a bath innovations walk-in bathtub, you will be surrounded in comfort and ease.


A Door That's Not Hollow 

Our walk-in bathtub is one of the only in the industry to feature a solid no-leak door. A hollow door that can easily crack and leak is a major safety concern that most competitors use on their tubs. They cannot hold weight and the hollow door, in many cases, decreases the operating life of the tub. Our door is completely solid. The extra large door is great for easy entry and is also available with right or left-hand configuration. The door handle is easy to open and close; it uses a heavy duty double locking system for maximum seal. (see below)


Installs to match curent design like it has always been there

Our heavy duty double locking system, solid no-leak door, and easy to open handle.

Bath Innovations | Walk-In Bathtubs
Walk-In Bathtubs

At approximately 2 1/2 inches, our step-up into our walk-in bathtub is incredibly easy, compared to most other competitors. This makes for easy entry for those with limited mobility, Like seniors and disabled persons.


Custom options for the bath include our optional chromotherapy system that uses color and light as a restorative therapy to promote mental and physical well-being. A bidet and aromatherapy are also available.

Chromotherapy system Walk-In Bathtubs
Chromotherapy System Walk-In Bathtubs

A Walk-In Bathtub will change the look and feel of your bathing experience!

walk-in bathtub look and Feel Before and After Bath Innovations


Our installation team is the best of the best. They are committed to excellence and perfection every time they install and remodel. Our walk-in bathtub replaces and perfectly fits into the space of an existing tub. As always, our walk-in bathtub is made in the USA with superior quality materials.

Bath Innovations

  • Safe, low step, approx. 2 1/2 in

  • Made in USA; American materials

  • Solid, Sturdy, Reinforced door

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Adaptable to most bathrooms

  • No-leak, double locking feature

  • Custom installation on your time

  • Free, no-high-pressure consultations


Interested? Call now for a free, no-high-pressure consultation, or use the online form.

Incredible installation Bath innovations Walk-in Bathtubs
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