Bath Innovations Walk-In Bathtubs & Remodeling

About Us

Bath Innovations Walk-In Bathtubs and Remodeling was founded in 2011 by Gary.

Bath Innovations Walk-In Bathtubs and Remodeling specializes in providing one of the highest quality walk-in bathtubs available with features not typically found on other tubs. They take pride in helping out clients every day with being able to bathe safely in the comfort and privacy of their own home. They have found that it is a lot more cost effective to modify your home rather than move into a commercial facility which can run as high as several thousand dollars per month. Most people seem to also be a lot happier being able to stay in the comforts of the familiar surroundings in their own homes.

Bath Innovations is a small family owned company with less overhead than its competitors, thus being able to make high quality walk-in bathtubs much more affordable FOR their valued clients. They also do all of their own estimating which saves their customers from having to pay for salesmen’s commissions, like with other companies. Bath Innovations does not believe in high pressure tactics as with many other companies, but instead enjoys treating their clients like family.

In addition to bathtubs, Bath Innovations also sells showers, but the walk-in bathtubs seem to be more popular because of the safety of being able to sit down, surrounded by soothing warm water and air jets that make the bathing experience highly therapeutic. The jetting helps stimulate blood flow along with the body absorbing more oxygen. The massaging action of the water jets also helps with flexibility which can help with balance issues to possibly help eliminate a potential fall. Another way the walk-in bathtubs help their clients is with pain management. Many of their clients have also found that the therapeutic jets offer considerable relief from chronic pain stemming from arthritis and fibromyalgia. Showers, however, don’t seem to have nearly as many benefits as do the walk-in bathtubs. Bath Innovations’ walk-in bathtubs are a wonderful alternative to traditional tubs that are hard to get in and out of along with the slipping and falling hazards.

Every tub sold by Bath Innovations is made in the USA from the finest materials.

In October 2018, Bath Innovations launched a new website at bathinnovationsmidwest.com, marking a bright step into the future for the organization.